Note from the Founder: 5 ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Note from the Founder: 5 ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Note from the Founder: 5 ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Let's face it babes, navigating the new world of working from home comes with its peaks and valleys. One thing I have become very fond of is being able to make all my meals from home, I have found myself eating way healthier than ever before and more regularly. However working from home does make for a difficult work flow environment that sometimes can leave me feeling unproductive and missing deadlines. I wanted to share with you the 5 ways I keep myself motivated and keep the ideas flowing while working from home. 

1. Start your day off right: 5 minute journal!

This morning ritual I started in 2020 has truly become something I look forward to every morning. Gratitude and manifestation are two major key components I use behind the scenes for creating the success I want. Having this easy to use journal to write out the things you are thankful for and wish to accomplish for the day sets you up for the right attitude.

2. Create a designated work space.

Our brains love boundaries so set yourself up in a designated work space to allow yourself the momentum of dialling in and out. Make sure you always pick a designated area that is organized and clean to help keep you motivated.

3. Dress to Impress.

I am serious, this might sound ridiculous but this never fails me, not even once! Regardless if no one is seeing me I still wake up every morning, shower, get ready, do my make up and blow dry my hair. I even put on a cute outfit on! Something about this daily routine gets me going and in fact increases my productivity. I even make sure I always have my glow going to give me that extra confidence boost I need before my weekly zoom meetings with our team. 

4. Get organized online

Having too many tabs open on your computer screen and desk top is seriously setting you up to fail. It is for one distracting and simultaneously creating a work environment of jumbled thoughts in front of you. 

Keep it simple and consider organizing your screen so that work tools and social surfing are separate keeping distractions at bay and your focus dialled it.

5. Don't forget to take breaks!

We have lunch breaks at the office for a reason, giving your brain time to decompress from a strong work flow is healthy and necessary. Always take breaks to relax and eat, this will in turn increase your productivity and encourage quality work results!

All in all, we understand that working from can pose some challenges however try to incorporate some of these steps into your daily routine! 

- Love; Emily Bloom

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