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Want to know the secret to maintaining the most flawless golden glow? Self Made Tanning would love to share our top 5 absolutely essential tips to achieving the ultimate bronzed body! We believe in equipping our clients with all of the knowledge and tools necessary to create a perfect sunless tan, and we also take pride in helping to promote healthy skin while self-tanning. This is why we have ensured to formulate all our products with top of the line PETA-approved ingredients that benefit your skin instead of damage it. Every product is free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan friendly! With any type of beauty tutorial, we all know the secret to creating beautiful, glowing skin begins with the canvas you are working with! At Self Made Tanning, we never promote
working with a fully “blank” canvas. We expect that gorgeous canvas of yours to be tanned! Self-tanning can really assist with make-up application, allowing the products to blend into the skin more smoothly and naturally, and can even make fun colours really pop on your skin! Let's face it, we all love being tanned. We love a sun-kissed, “just got back from the beach” vibe, always! It just feels so much better to be bronzed - not to mention the extra boost of confidence you feel every time you catch a look of yourself in the mirror with a sexy, golden glow! Something about being tanned just creates a healthier and more vibrant appearance overall. Being tanned accentuates your most gorgeous features, and
assists in creating the illusion of a slimmer physique and gives your body an overall more toned appearance. It even can hide unwanted cellulite and even stretch marks. Here at our head office, we love to refer to a self-tan as the “instant body lift,” because truthfully, it really is! With that said, it is absolutely critical to properly prep your skin beforehand in order to end up with the best and longest lasting results for your tan!


Everyone seems to only focus on skin exfoliation as a preparation step for self-tanning, however it truly goes so much deeper than that. Did you know certain


could affect your self-tans quality and longevity? Using soap products that leave behind residuals on the body can actually lead to streaks throughout your tan, or even strip it off your skin much quicker. It is crucial to make sure to pick a soap product or body wash that is very mild and gentle. If you are looking for affordable brands that you can get at your local drugstore, we suggest trying Olay or Aveeno. If you are okay with spending a bit more, anything that is organic and free of parabens and sulfates are most effective and ideal.
TRADE SECRET TIP: If you wash your body with a salon-grade SHAMPOO, you will actually balance your skin’s PH level, which is the best method to prep it for a great self-tan application. It is always recommended to use skincare products with a PH level of 5.5 and most professional shampoo lines have a PH level anywhere between 5 and 7! Ensure to steer clear of drugstore or lower-end shampoo formulas, as they tend to contain harmful sulfates and parabens that are not beneficial to your skin and are counter-productive to self-tan preparation all together. NEVER SKIP EXFOLIATION! This step is critical and essential. Self-tans are biochemical reactions between DHA and a layer of your dead skin. If you don’t exfoliate before an application, your tan may appear patchy and the fadeout could potentially look very uneven on your skin. Always remember when exfoliating, we suggest you only use a dry exfoliation mitt or a dry scrub (for example, a coffee scrub.) Your exfoliation methods/products should never contain any oils or moisturizing components, as those elements will leave a film on your skin. Any type of film on the skin will prevent the DHA from penetrating into the skin, which results in a lighter tan that will fade faster!


We always suggest shaving prior to your self-tan application, however if you have
sensitive skin, make sure to give yourself a few hours between shaving and tan
application, in order to allow your pores to close properly. If not, you may end up with a rash or little red bumps for the next day or so! Also, do ensure that you never put on any lotions, creams or body oils onto your skin before you self-tan, as mentioned previously, these types of products act as a barrier and not allow the DHA to adhere properly to your skin skin.


Do you suffer from dry skin? I sure as heck do, eh! What Canadian doesn’t? These freezing winter months can be so brutal on our fragile skin, and we understand that dry patches are an extremely common skin issue. The general rule to self-tan prep is to NOT apply any moisturizers to the skin prior to applying your tanning product. However, particularly dry patches of skin must be corrected before applying self-tan, or it will appear uneven on your skin. Pay specific attention to these areas by gently hydrating them (but not the rest of the body.) Generally, knees, elbows, ankles, knuckles and even toes are the primary focus for this step. Ensure that any hydration products are rubbed in quite well, in order to avoid any patchiness in your tan application. The reason we suggest hydrating very dry spots on the body is because dehydrated skin will, in fact,
absorb DHA (the element self-tan that actually develops your tan on your skin) at a much faster speed than the regular, properly prepped skin. With that said, if you don’t prep your skin properly, you could end up with areas that are much darker than others…Here at Self Made Tanning, we only tan an even tan!


Are you one of those clients who have had a horrid experience with self-tanning where you got stuck with hands and feet that were too dark? This type of result happens when you apply the same amount of self-tanner on your hands and feet that you did on your arms and legs! The key to this technique is to try to mimic the actual pattern that a real tan would leave on your skin. Naturally, when you get a sun tan, your hands and feet are do not turn out the as dark as your arms and legs do. So, in order to replicate a natural glow, you actually need to apply less product to these areas and blend them into your skin as best as possible. As previously mentioned, the skin on our hands and feet is dryer than other parts of your body, so do not forget to lightly moisturize these areas to prevent your self-tan from becoming too dark on your hands, feet and elbows and knees.


Enough said. Without an application mitt your hands will turn orange… and really, who wants tan-stained palms? Save your hands (and that gorgeous manicure) and always, always, always apply self tanner with an application mitt! Not only will your save your hands and nails, your tan will apply more smoothly, which will create the most even appearance possible. We really hope you enjoyed these self-tanning tips and tricks, brought to you by top professionals in the tanning industry! Tag us on Instagram at @selfmadetanning and show us your new and improved self-tanning methods for a chance to be featured on our

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