How Sunless Products are blowing up in 2021

How Sunless Products are blowing up in 2021

How Sunless Products are blowing up in 2021

Raise your hand if you enjoy:

  • Dry
  • Pre-mature aged skin
  • Skin cancer……….

Just like I predicted; no hands.

So then I am left to pose this question; WHY ARE YOU STILL TANNING YOUR SKIN IN THE SUN? It’s 2021 and guess what? The days of UV tanning are behind us. The market has exploded with so many options of quality products that are safe, healthy and provide a flawless natural looking tan. Since early 2020 the biggest things trending on socials are; self love, self care and self awareness - and this plays a huge role as to why sunless products are taking over the beauty market. Clean beauty is the new and only kind of beauty, and sunless tanning offers vegan & cruelty free products that are all natural and safe to use. It truly is a win/win situation when going sunless!

Never before have we seen so many celebrities & instagram influencers talk freely and openly about how they use self tan mousses! Celebrities like the Kardashians are infamously known for their self tan routines, making it obvious how taking care of your skin will leave you looking youthful. If you have not yet plunged into the sunless beauty market space just yet, let me share with you our top 6 reasons why you should make self tanning part of your weekly routine!

 6 reasons why you should be self tanning!

1. It boosts your confidence!

Let's face it we are all self conscience about different things regarding our body (not that we should be, we are all uniquely beautiful) but society plays a significant role and we can be so hard on ourselves. One thing I have noticed for sure is is the moment someone has a tan they instantly feel more confident about their body and how they feel about themselves. I can personally vouch for this, after having my son my self tan routine has become my weekly confidence booster!

2. The Instant Body Lift Effect

Here at the Self Made office we love to call the results after using one of our mousses the "Instant Body Lift Effect". Every time without fail when we are working with influencers, models or clients we always get the same reaction. Their faces always light up with shocked and happiness at how instantly toned they feel after a tan application. Similarly to how wearing dark clothes can help you feel slimmer, a tan can bring definition to the body helping you feel and look more toned! 

3. Hides Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Guess what? Want a non-surgical way to reduce visibility of stretch marks and cellulite? Invest in a bottle of self tan mousse! I just had a baby 10 months ago and this body has been put through the ringer. I have cellulite and stretch marks for the first time in my life, and do they bother me? Of course. I try to always remind myself that beauty is from within and these little imperfections don't mean anything however from time to time sometimes I do feel insecure about it. That's where a self tan mousse can really help, because the moment after application I feel as if they don't show anymore. It is a known fact that being tanned reduces the visibility of cellulite and stretch marks, so why not enjoy this benefit every time with an application!

4. It Makes You Feel Good!

The first thing you feel after getting a tan is, AMAZING! Clothes fit better, outfits look complete, makeup looks nicer, your hair stands out more. You really do get an overwhelming feeling of joy every time after you tan!

5. Say Bye Bye to Skin Damage.

No more skin damage, pre mature aging and exposing yourself to the risk of skin cancers when you go sunless. Sunless products offer a safer alternative for tanning that is not toxic. It is the healthiest alternative for tanning. 

6. Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Supporting the sunless industry also means you are supporting cruelty free! All of DHA based products are naturally and ethically sourced meaning with every Self Made Tanning purchase you are indirectly making the world a better place. 

Getting a tan has never been easier and healthier, make sure to check out our luxe self tan mousse line!

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