How to Use Our Self Tan Eraser!

How to Use Our Self Tan Eraser!

How to Use Our Self Tan Eraser!

We all know that the only thing that can ruin a self tan is failing to correctly prepare in advance! That is why we encourage our customers to shower, exfoliate and if you are a frequently tanning to always remove old tan build up! This is why having a self tan eraser can become a key player in providing the perfect sunless tan results. We always get asked what is a self tan eraser and how it works, so let us walk you through our step by step guide on what this product is and how to properly use it.

What is a Self tan eraser and how does it work?

A self tan eraser works as a gentle chemical exfoliant that loosens dead skin cells and helps remove them off faster than they normally would. The non toxic product works by latching onto dirt, oils and old self tan and gently removes them leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Our tan eraser works as a 2 in 1 cleanser and primer by pH balancing your skin which will help prepare your skin for your next tan application. Cocamidopropyl Betaine is the main ingredient used with our self tan eraser product to break the surface tension of water, attach to dirt and rinse it away! This ingredient is a naturally-derived surfactant that is sourced from coconut oil.

How to use a self tan eraser

Using our self tan eraser is extremely easy and makes for a flawless tan application! Follow our step by step guide and remove tan build up in less than 5 steps. 

  1. Make sure if you are using this product after an self tan application that you wait at least 5 days for removal!

  2. Shower and exfoliate your skin

  3. Apply to dry skin in circular motions

  4. Wait 5 minutes

  5. Wash off in warm water using a face cloth to remove any tan build up

We hope this step by step guide has helped you understand our self tan eraser and makes it easier for you to use this product! Comment below if there are any questions you have related to this article! And make sure to check out our luxe self tan eraser.

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